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Sound delay, lag and audio latency in Windows 1

Fixing latency and delays in Windows audio outputNeoSmart

1) Open up XSplit Broadcaster. 2) At the top, click on Tools, then General Settings: 3) In the General Settings window, click on Audio. 4) In the Audio Settings, check the Delay box under System Sound and Microphone and set the value for both to 650ms, which is the average delay of the Elgato Game Capture HD60 Delay between playing on guitar and sound from BIAS Delay between playing on guitar and sound from BIAS. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. kaibagley98 last edited by . Hey guys, Title pretty much says it all, I'm using an iRig 2 connecting my guitar straight into the headphones jack on my laptop. Thanks for any help! Reply Quote 0. 1 Reply.

To 'substract' the delay in the audio i added a filter in the video called 'render delay'. This adds a delay to the video, which is the same as substracting delay to the audio. Keep in mind that the filter can only handle a delay of 500ms max, so maybe you will have to add more than one filter. Reactions: Hellbender. H. Hellbender New Member. Sep 18, 2017 #7 Thank you, Zapa! I had to add a. Sorry for how antisocial I seem, didn't really have any preparation to making this video.This is the driver I used, just select your OS and download the Rea.. Sehen Sie außerdem nach, ob Sie Ihre Boxen oder Soundanlage ordnungsgemäß mit Ihrem PC verbunden haben. Damit Ton über diese wiedergegeben werden kann, müssen Sie das System entsprechend einrichten. Unter Umständen können auch die Boxen defekt sein. Deshalb empfiehlt es sich testweise, ein anderes Sound-System oder Kopfhörer anzuschließen. Installieren Sie die aktuellen Treiber für.

Fixing Realtek audio driver lag on Windows 10NeoSmart

  1. Audio is delayed about 100 ms relative to picture when the Xbox One is set to output Dolby Atmos. This was observed with an Xbox One X connected straight into a Yamaha RX-V685 receiver (other users have observed the same problem with audio equipment from other brands), and real-time generated content (the dashboard, games that do and do not make use of Dolby Atmos, demo clips in the Dolby.
  2. Open in the settings of the category of Sound and screen and the audio output settings. Under Primary output port you will now find the function DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL). Here is used PCM, change it to Bitstream. Send the Audio Signal to a Receiver, you can configure many of the newer devices have a Delay. Adjust the sound by a few milliseconds to move
  3. I recently got a huge HDMI cable to plug from my PC to my TV to play some games in the comfort of my couch. I setupped the screens so that the TV is the exact same thign as my PC screen. But there is a very slight delay between my PC monitor and the TV, something like 0.2 seconds, just enough for controls to feel laggy/sluggish most of the time
  4. If it's a sound delay with microphone (which is annoyingly not too uncommon), then you need to use either Use Mic QPC timestamps or mic sync fix hack in advanced. Usually one or the other does the trick. Stupid options I eventually plan to get rid of, but they work for the time being. G. grester New Member . Dec 5, 2013 #3 Thanks I'll try both. Unfortunately game sound is also delayed,easy.
  5. There should be a way to stream audio from PC to an Android smartphone. Turns out, there is. It works similar to Roku's Private listening but for your PC, All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection. I found 3 apps that let you do this. Let's see how it works. Read: 5 Music Sync Apps to Stream Music to Multiple Devices. Stream Audio from PC to Android 1. Stream What You Hear. The first in the.

du kannst den Analogausgang des Laptop mit einem Analogeingang an Sonos Connect, Port oder Play5 (Connect Amp oder Sonos Amp würden nur mit vorhandenen Passivlautsprechern Sinn machen) verbinden. Das Signal würde im Sonossystem aber erstmal AD gewandelt, wodurch 75ms Delay entstehen playing youtube video on my windows 10 pc and casting audio to nest, audio is delayed. Out of sync. 1 Recommended Answer 5 Replies 1 Upvote I am playing you tube videos on chrome browser on Windows 10pc. From chrome I am casting only audio to nest mini. The audio played on nest mini is delayed. How to fix. I understand when you play video on youtube there is an audio delay of 1 to 2 seconds on your PC. Don't worry I'd like to help you out. Did you make any software or hardware changes on your PC? Have you tried checking with a different browser? Does the issue persist when you paly a video saved on your PC? Try resetting the browser to factory settings and check if it helps. If the issue still.

Sonic Mania On PC Uses Denuvo, Cannot Be Played Offline

Scheinbar ist es irgendwie Möglich das mir der PS4 sound ohne irgendein Delay übertragen wird. Wenn ich das ganze mit OBS benutze höre ich ja alles 2-3 Sekunden später. Mir wurde gesagt es sei möglich sich den Sound über seinen PC ausgeben zu lassen und das ohne einen Delay How to test sound: Simply click the left-facing arrow or the right-facing arrow to test the left and right stereo sound. If you hear a sound coming from the left/right speaker, your speakers and headphone are correctly connected and working. *Sometimes, the sound may appear with a few seconds delay Für den Ton benötigen Sie ein separates Audio-Kabel. Sind PC und Fernseher miteinander verbunden, müssen Sie am Fernseher nur noch den HDMI- oder VGA-Eingang auswählen. Wird kein Bild angezeigt, müssen Sie vorher die Bildschirmauflösung anpassen. Halten Sie am PC die [Windows]-Taste gedrückt und tippen Sie einmal auf den Buchstaben [P]. Durch das erneute Tippen auf [P] können Sie bei. Audio Delay bei PC einstellen +A-A: Autor. Beitrag : GeRoNiMo. Ist häufiger hier #1 erstellt: 19. Apr 2009, 21:21: Hallo Ich suche nach einer Möglichkeit die Tonausgabe am PC zu verzögern. Ich hab nämlich folgendes Problem Ich Spiele DVD und Blurays am PC ab und schaue diese am Beamer an. Dieser hat eine Zwischenbildberechnung, die ich gerne nützen würde. Leider verzögert dies das Bild. Sound delay with PC Win 10. Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; Email this Page; Subscribe to this Thread; Display. Linear Mode; Switch to Hybrid Mode; Switch to Threaded Mode ; Thread. 18th May 2020 05:37 #1. beavereater. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Member Join Date Sep 2003 Location Japan. Hey gents, Been a while. I have a new Win 10 install on my PC. After Win 7 PC.

The delay between what is played and what is heard back happens because the signal that enters the audio sound card doesn't exit the sound card at the same time. It can cause major problems for musicians, engineers, and producers in the studio when recording a performance or take, as the time difference can make it impossible for anything to be played in time with the rest of the track Since updating my 6700 to V3.1.7 then 3.1.8 I get a significant delay in the PC audio vs the panadapter display (delay can be up to 1 second or more). Anyone else seeing this? I downgraded to 3.0.27 and everything gets back in sync. This is using PC audio, not audio out of the radio direct. Same delay occurs on 2 separate PC's both running. You might have too much software running at once and the sound is getting delayed, just like you might see your mouse pointer take longer to move along with your mouse if your computer is getting lagged. Close some programs and see what happens. If you feel confident doing so, take a look at what your computer is loading into memory on startup like chat programs or file sharing stuff and see.

Audio Delay Problem in Windows 10 - Microsoft Communit

Disgaea PC; Sound delayed, skipping or freezes Description of Issue: Music/sound/image effects are skipping/freezing mainly during animations, but occurs in storyline scenes with no battlefield & only talking and text being generated. Also sound effects of selecting things in menus are delayed by half to a full second. The delay happens even in startup menu. This does not crash Computer, but. I've just installed Halo Reach on PC, there seems to be an audio delay sometimes and its choppy most of the time, i dont know if it's in my end or if its an overall thing, but i though i'd be nice to mention, maybe other people have this issue. other than that, the game runs pretty damn good, hopefully there's a solution for the audio proble So after playing for about 5 minutes i noticed that the audio started to stutter/cut followed up by delayed audio. Are there any fixes for this?? < > Showing 1-15 of 31 comments . swagsex Nov 16, 2019 @ 2:26pm. I need to inject a system wide audio delay of ~0.22sec. I would think there would be a simple utility that would allow me to create a lag but I have been unable to find such an app. My issue stems from a video processing delay in my new TV. My current set up is as follows: Video from PC to TV via HDMI; Audio from PC to Receiver via Optical. When I turn on all the fancy features of my tv, such. It's not the cable. Audio is carried as digital data right along with the video on an HDMI cable (or any other digital interface, such as DisplayPort, MHL, etc.). The audio and video channels going out of sync happens elsewhere in the signal path,..

Audio Delay is a program that allows you to delay any audio signal fed through your PC. The Audio Delay program enables you to feed your radio's audio through your computer and introduce a variable delay of from 0.1 seconds to several minutes. This makes it easy to synchronize the radio audio and the television video When you are sure that the audio is running behind the video, you can press the J on the keyboard to speed up. On the contrary, hit the K to slow down the audio playback. If you are a Mac user, the default keys to adjust VLC audio delay are F and G. Use the F key whereas the sound is delayed. The opposite is to press. Der Ton wird am PC über die Xonar D2 per 5.1 chinch direkt ausgegeben. Genau in diesem Fall habe ich immer eine audio-delay. Bisher veschaffe ich mir abhilfe bei mkv's, avi's etc mit der VLC-Audioverzögerung. Solche eine Funktion existiert aber nicht bei PowerDVD11 und TMT5 (Für Blurays genutzt) und ich hätte gerne einen automatisierten Ausgleich, wie es bei der Blueray-Player-AV.

Windows 10 Sound Issue Fix - Sound Starts After 3 Seconds

  1. Delay between playing on guitar and sound from BIAS Delay between playing on guitar and sound from BIAS. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. kaibagley98 last edited by . Hey guys, Title pretty much says it all, I'm using an iRig 2 connecting my guitar straight into the headphones jack on my laptop. Thanks for any help! Reply Quote 0. 1 Reply.
  2. g and distorted sounds when recording or playing back audio; A delay between playing your instrument.
  3. I recently reinstalled Rocksmith 2014 on my PC because of an SSD upgrade. When I started the game I was haunted by slow and distorted sound that made the guy on the intro sound like an angry robot. I had this issue when I first got the game, when it came out and I managed to fix it by switching to my on-board soundcard, rather than my Asus.

Video: Audio lag on windows 10 - Dell Communit

How to fix that annoying audio delay on your soundba

  1. Among the 3 free audio sync software, online FlexClip audio sync app is the simplest to resolve audio delays of a short video and render a synced MP4 video easily. FLV video player is the most straightforward way to play a delayed video nicely. At last, Blender is the most complex method to line up your audio and video tracks to solve all video delay problems once and for all
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  3. Latency refers to a short period of delay (usually measured in milliseconds) between when an audio signal enters a system and when it emerges.Potential contributors to latency in an audio system include analog-to-digital conversion, buffering, digital signal processing, transmission time, digital-to-analog conversion and the speed of sound in the transmission medium
  4. Informationen zur Verfügbarkeit der Einstellungen AV-Synchronisierung oder Audio Delay (Audioverzögerung) finden Sie in der Bedienungsanleitung des Produkts. Bei Home Entertainment-Systemen von Drittanbietern überprüfen Sie die Bedienungsanleitung oder wenden Sie sich an den Hersteller, um Informationen zum Anpassen der AV-Synchronisierungseinstellung zu erhalten
  5. And while these procedures may sound complex, they should only take you an hour, at most, to complete, and you only need to perform them once with a particular combination of audio interface, driver version and PC. Once you've found the most suitable latency value for playback and the lowest possible latency supported by your particular PC, you'll know you're making the best use of your.

During playback you can press j or k to adjust audio delay (adjust step is 50 ms). If audio is ahead of image, press j if audio is behind image, press k or the other way round; negations can be pretty confusing. This page is part of the informal VLC Support Guide. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License as. Fixed: Netflix Audio and Video Out of Sync or Audio Delay If you are having audio & video sync issues in Netflix, several methods are available to fix them. It's better if you can get to know about all those methods and go ahead with the best one out of them. Download | Win Download | Mac. Eleanor Reed . Dec 25, 2020 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions. 0. Sometimes.

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In some instances you might need to add an audio delay to sync up the video from a camera with a microphone input. It's actually quite simple to do, however the option to add an audio delay isn't very prominent in OBS. In this guide we'll show you how to do it. 1. Add an audio source or microphone . An audio delay can be applied to any audio source, including videos. 2. Click the cog. Skype Audio Delay on Mobile and PC is a common issue that people face while attending nine meetings or one to one personal audio communications. The issue can arise due to a faulty internet connection or a bad audio driver. Here we will try to troubleshoot the problem and list out all possible fixes to the problem. Advertisements . Method 1: Check your internet connection. This is a basic but. With this App you can Test your Sound System. Four High-resolution Audio Files. 2 Sound Files are FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec and 2 of the Sound Files are WAV Waveform Audio File Format. This 4 Sound Files are Optimated for 5.1 surround sound audio systems Question / Help 2 Pc streaming Setup Audio Delay on Twitch. Thread starter frtommy; Start date Feb 7, 2017; F. frtommy New Member. Feb 7, 2017 #1 Hi, Sorry for my bad English :P It's a week i started to streming WoW on Twitch. I am using 2 pc. Gaming PC: I5-2500k @4,5Ghz asrock z68 extreme4 gen3 Gtx780 16gb ddr3 1866mhz ssd win 10 64bit ssd wow Streaming PC: AMD a10-7700k 8gb ddr3 2100mhz ssd.

Solved: Delay with sound/audio - HP Support Community

Sound Delay Calculator - Simple calculator that will calculate the delay time for your speaker delays in milliseconds. This program was created to be used by sound designers and audio engineers. - www.FreewarePocketPC.ne Sound + HiFi; Delay beim SPDIF In; Wenn dies Ihr erster Besuch hier ist, lesen Sie bitte zuerst die Hilfe - Häufig gestellte Fragen durch. Sie müssen sich vermutlich registrieren, bevor Sie Beiträge verfassen können. Klicken Sie oben auf 'Registrieren', um den Registrierungsprozess zu starten. Sie können auch jetzt schon Beiträge lesen. Suchen Sie sich einfach das Forum aus, das Sie am. Trusted Windows (PC) download Audio Delay Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Audio Delay alternative downloads Conclusion: The Sound Delay Audio Effect Rocks. Delay might be the best effect ever. I hate to say that since equalization and compression are fundamental must-haves, but all of the variations you can craft with delay puts it in its own league as far as the overt effects go. Good luck not hearing it in every single track unless you're listening to Bluegrass or Classical, and even then they. For a while now I have had an issue where sounds effects and notifications are played/displayed late. Sound examples; When the ammo pack on the heavys is destroyed the ammo explosion sounds are delayed. Killing a rogue sound effect Notification examples

A simple restart is an effective fix for Skype's audio glitches and other similar issues on your phone or PC. 6. Update Skype. If the audio delay problem be due to a bug in the app, updating. Проверенная Windows (PC) загрузка Audio Delay Без вирусов 100% чистая загрузка. Альтернативные загрузки Audio Delay

OBS Studio Desktop Audio Off-Sync/Delay FIXED! (without

Sound Delay also features internal mid/side encoding and decoding and allows you to delay mid and side channels independently. Falls Sie nach mehr Softwares suchen, können Sie sich u.a. solche Programme wie MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition , MasterWriter oder HighC anschauen, die möglicherweise an Voxengo Sound Delay ähnlich sind All audio in Live is processed in defined parcels of time, called an audio buffer. This helps to minimize dropouts or glitches, as the buffer allows time for all events to be smoothed out. The buffer size is defined in Live's audio preferences. The bigger the buffer size, the bigger the latency. In addition, the type of audio driver and the interface you use affect latency

StreamLabs OBS - How to Fix Audio Delay on Stream and

Delayed Launcher im Autostart - das steckt dahinter Der Delayed Launcher gehört zur Intel Storage Technology und ist damit ein Systemprogramm. Die Intel Rapid Storage Technology hilft bei der Verwaltung und dem Zugriff auf Ihre Festplatten Audio delay/lags when casting 0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 103 Upvotes. Back story I have a toshiba tv w/ built in chromecast, the built in would not fully support prime and would not support Disney plus's at all. Bought a new chromecast hooked it up and I get an audio delay with the new chromecast it will be fine for a couple minutes and then the audio will not match. Pause the movie or. Stream Windows PC Sound via SoundSeeder. SoundSeeder is able to stream the sound of a Windows PCs via dlna. This feature allows you to stream music played from Spotify, Youtube or any other third party application to your SoundSeeder Speakers After clicking on the Re-run Assessment link, you will be informed of your key system components rate. i had sound delay when i got a 1.0 base score coz windows informed me i should install a higher version video card. i have a 2.5 base score now and i don't have any sound delay anymore. btw, i also am using Vista_Win7_R246 for audio. i can play my guitar through the computer's speakers now ^_

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How to Fix Sound Delay in Bluetooth Headphones - Headphonest

Wenn der Lautsprecher-Eintrag kein grünes Häkchen haben sollte, klickt ihr ihn an und klickt unten auf den Button Als Standard, um ihn als Standard-Wiedergabegerät festzulegen. Klickt mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Lautsprecher-Eintrag und wählt Eigenschaften aus. Das Fenster Eigenschaften von Lautsprecher öffnet sich The audio delay from the gaming systems (specifically PS4 and Xbox One) is horrendous. Note: There is no audio delay on the ninentdo switch because it is using PCM, not Dolby Digital. The TV nor the Sonos can convert 5.1 PCM to Dolby Digital 5.1 on the fly. I don't believe there is even a device that does this either. This means you will get emulated Stereo sound from the SONOS when playing. Trusted Windows (PC) download Voxengo Sound Delay 1.7. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Voxengo Sound Delay alternative downloads Avantree HT4189 & HS102 - Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Bluetooth Transmitter, No Audio Delay, Plug n Play & Metal & Silicone Headphone Stand Hanger with Cable Holder . 137.99 $ 137. 99. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Proven 300ft Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for TV or Stereo, Connect Speaker or Headphones, aptX Low Latency Wireless Adapter, Listen in HD No Audio Delay.

logozoe Audiokabel, Low-Delay Professional Audio Wire: Amazon.de: Elektronik Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen How to Make Use of free FLV media player to Sync Audio and Video for Free? Step 1 Open FLV video player. Step 2 Drag and drop audio delaying video into the interface. Step 3 Hit [Tools] > [Track Synchronization]. Step 4 Input a number in the blanket of Audio track synchronization. It will either hasten the audio or delay the audio In the audio world, latency is another word for delay. It's the time it takes for the sound from the front-of-house speakers at an outdoor festival to reach you on your picnic blanket, or the time it takes for your finger to strike a piano key, for the key to move the hammer, for the hammer to strike the string, and for the sound to reach your ear Turn off your rear and side speakers then play a video program with lots of dialogue and minimal music or sound effects. You'll hear the latency in the form of an echo (or more correctly a reverberation) between the two audio sources. Adjust the delay setting on your AV receiver or outboard delay unit until the echo goes away

Disgaea PC; Sound delayed, skipping or freezes. Description of Issue: Music/sound/image effects are skipping/freezing mainly during animations, but occurs in storyline scenes with no battlefield & only talking and text being generated. Also sound effects of selecting things in menus are delayed by half to a full second There's no sound at the time of fighting but after a while, you could hear the sound as being delayed, said one Apex Legends PC player. Music, footsteps, distant gunfire are all fine right up until there is a close fight and from there, all the sound effects are massively delayed and running through an area where there was a big fight is like reliving the fight even if there is no action there anymore Change the audio track speed to 99.7%; move the audio sound track to +55milliseconds or + You may also apply this solution to other video editing program just look for editing video speed and change it to 99.7% and move the audio for +5 milliseconds. The audio and video should be sync now and you can now enjoy editing your hardwork.

Fortnite - How to Fix Audio Lag / Sound Delay for PC! Fast

Latency (audio delay) is long: See the section on Low Latency, above. Some PC sound hardware doesn't support capturing speaker audio from Wave Out Mix / What U Hear / Stereo Mix. You may be able to activate the stereo mix option in settings. Alternatively use a short patch cord with two 1/8 stereo plugs to connect your PC audio output to the input, then select Line In or. Aber wenn du deine Videos mit dem VLC Player abspielst, dann kannst du einen Delay Bild/ Ton einstellen. Sollte die Verzögerung durch die Bluetoothübertragung konstant sein, könntest du sie damit ausgleichen. Darkrenegade Neuling #3 erstellt: 21. Aug 2013, 12:40: Wäre eine Möglichkeit, allerdings bleibt die Verzögerung nicht konstant und verlängert sich immer wieder um ein paar.

Soundbar to PC sound delay Tom's Guide Foru

What is the best way to play all the PC sounds (windows 10) on the speakers. I have tried Airfoil but It crashes a lot and the worst is the sound delay of 4-5 seconds. When you listen to music the sound delay is not an issue but when you are having a skype it is a big problem. THanks by advance for your help, Best Regards., Matthie Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay, Limited Edition Purple/Silver. 4.6 out of 5 stars 16. $199.00 $ 199. 00. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Walrus Audio MAKO Series D1 High-Fidelity Stereo Delay Pedal (900-1051) 4.3 out of 5 stars 9. $299.00 $ 299. 00. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 2 left in stock. I agree that LG should release a firmware update that allows one to set negatives for audio sync issues.It's absurdly noticeable with Game mode! I have a C9 and I can notice it adds a 100ms delay to the audio with Dolby Bitstream when in Game mode when it is receiving audio via HDMI.. Both with the C9's Internal Speakers and Optical out. Console connected to output device via its own. We all take sound for granted. Hearing's the neglected sense, constantly running second place to vision. Here's how to set up your PC for great sounding audio If you want to improve the audio quality of your PC, then all you need to do is install Windows audio equalizer in your PC. The equalizer will automatically improve the audio quality of your PC. Most people don't like the default settings of audio quality. Thanks to the audio equalizer, you can change the audio settings as you like. You can manage all the features of audio like surrounding, environment, and equalizer. You can also change the base and treble of your PC speakers. Audio.

Audio Delay - Delay Radio Broadcasts - Sychnronize TV and

For different media players or programs one can set audio and quality effects individually. This feature enables one to enjoy their favorite audio, video or movies for their choice. The laptops in general do not produce loud sound effects and this issue can be resolved easily by installing effective sound booster software. The mobile devices which are order of the day and everyone loves to listen to watch movies or listen music, one can install this sound booster software and enjoy the. How to Enable or Disable Delay of Running Startup Apps in Windows 10 Startup items are the apps, shortcuts, folders, drivers, etc... that are set to run or open automatically at startup when a user signs in to Windows. Startup items can be added by either the programs or drivers installed, or manually by you Adjust the Audio Delay for your specific mic by adding a number of milliseconds. Start with 30ms. Record another video and check the sync again. Repeat this process until you can not notice any sync problems. Use 30ms increments when adjusting. For instance, if on the first try 30ms did not fix the sync, next time try 60ms, then 90ms, etc. Last, you can also adjust the Video Delay in OBS v20. Nun ist der Ton und das Bild unsynchron. Müsste das Audio insgesamt verzögern. Neuere Verstärker können das über die Lip Sync Funktion. Ich frage mich jetzt ob das nicht auch über einen PC geht I am getting bad audio delay on all my games on PC. People are talking after their mouths close and guns go bang after the recoil ends. The problem did not occur until after I updated to CCC 11.8 and installed Deus Ex. I am feeling the culprit is Deus Ex, yet it could just be coincidence. I have reinstalled drivers and Deus with out luck. The problem happened on my onboard audio and then also.

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For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Slight sound delay when hooking the ps4 audio into the pc Airfoil will delay all playback to match the highest delay required. Audio delays and video playback Airfoil is not intended for use with local video playback. Because of the audio delays inherent in transmitting audio, remote audio will be heard out of sync with local video, resulting in a sub-optimal viewing experience. While we generally do not recommend doing so, it is possible to use. When you're watching a DVD or other digital video source, you may notice the sound is delayed from the picture. For instance, you may see a person's lips move and not immediately hear dialogue. That's because processing video can, at times, take longer than processing the audio signal. This is called latency, and the Audio Delay feature is designed to correct for it. By default it is set to 2.

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